Stress is something which cannot be defined. One thing that might be stressful for one person can be enjoyable for others. Since the causes of stress are different for everybody, it is not possible to come out with a definition that everyone agrees on. In simple words, stress is basically a feeling of physical or emotional pain. Stress has no fixed time, it can occur due to any event or even a single thought which may make you feel nervous, anxious, infuriated. Your body’s reaction to a challenge is what comes out in the form of stress. Stress can turn out positive, especially when it aids in avoiding danger or meeting a deadline.

Ayurveda is an old Indian medical system, based on ancient writings that depend on a “natural” and “holistic” approach to improve the physical and mental health of a human being. Panchakarma is an important part of Ayurveda which deals in purifying and rejuvenating the body with the help of medicated oils and herbs.

• Shirodhara is a therapy which helps in reducing mental stress by calming the mind which results in reducing the physical stress because the body, mind and soul are interconnected to each other. It strikes a balance in order to stabilize the mind. It releases Serotonin which regulate anxiety, mood and also affects our happiness in a good way.

• Sneha Abhyanga is another magical therapy which involves massaging the body gently with herbal oil. The word ‘Sneha’ means ‘love’ which simply translates to cover the body gently or lovingly with herbal oil in order to massage it. It eases out the muscular tensions and improve the blood circulation. It promotes better sleep and reduces anxiety also. These two therapies are a sure shot method of ridding yourself from the stress trap. 7 to 10 sittings of each therapy will give you miraculous results. The number of sittings required varies according to the amount of stress you have.

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