Chandanadi thailam is a boon for people with aggravated Pitta (fire) element as it is enriched with Sandalwood oil. Chandanadi oil is a natural coolant and works wonders in Shirodhara as relieves any burning sensation on the scalp and skin. Chandanadi thailam provides a peaceful and refreshed mental state and also gets rid of dizziness. It is an age-old Ayurvedic herbal oil which reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

Chandanadi oil gives a soothing effect to the brain cells which induces better sleep. Better sleep results in reduction of mental fatigue. This oil also traquilizes and stabilizes the mind which further helps in reversing psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia, anxiety, various phobias.

Shirodhara is a panchakarma therapy which aids in alleviating stress which results in better health. Shirodhara also gives a powerful psycho-somatic balance which is a result of a relaxed state of mind. This therapy includes pouring of warm medicated oil in a steady flow over the forehead on the ‘aagya chakra’ to soothe it.

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