As per Ayurveda, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy or wrong diet regimen results in poor metabolism, which produces undigested food toxins. Higher accumulation of toxins into the body plays a major role in backache. It is necessary to detoxify your body after regular intervals because, with detoxification, you not only get rid of dangerous toxins from the body but also increase the vitality of your body. Kativasti is one such therapy which detoxifies your body.

The word “Kati” refers to the lower abdomen area and the process of holding the warm oil in the region that has been affected is known as Vasti. In this special type of low back therapy, dough is made into a ring of four to five inches of diameter and then the medicated oils and herbs are poured into it. The temperature of the oil is kept constant and is retained in the dough ring for some 30-40 minutes and finally, the oil is gently massaged over the body.


  • Provides strength to the back muscles and joints and maintains the curve of the spine
  • Effective for any kind of back pain or spine-related disorders
  • Improves blood circulation in the region
  • Removes pain related to fractures, dislocations, and tumors
  • Alleviates numbness due to Sciatica nerve compression
  • Alleviates lower back conditions like lumbar spondylosis, intervertebral disc prolapse, lumbago

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