Is stepping out of the bed in the morning a painful task for you? Does your body feel tight and stiff right after you wake up? You are not alone in your misery. These symptoms are faced by every second adult. It might be caused due to weak muscles or simply because your body was unable to recover from your previous day’s activities. This pain can become severe and also make it difficult for you to do your day to day activities. It can affect your mental health too, by restricting your movements and causing excessive pain.


  1. lack of exercise
  2. consumption of a poor diet
  3. not getting enough sleep
  4. obesity
  5. exposure to cold climate

There can be other underlying causes as well but, these seem to be the most common causes.


These symptoms are reversible and can be easily avoided with the help of Ayurvedic  Panchakarma therapies.  Sneh Abhyangam is the simplest solution for your problem. Sneh Abhyangam means gently massaging the body with warm medicated oil in order to improve your blood circulation and ease the pain. The warm medicated oil opens up the pores of the body which further aids in absorbing the oil in a better manner. Sneh Abhyangam also helps in draining the lymphatic system which gets rid of the toxic waste from the body resulting in better movement of the joints and limbs.

5 to 7 sittings of this therapy improve the blood circulation, strengthens the joints and muscles along with promoting better sleep. It relaxes the stiff joints and muscles and rejuvenates the whole body. If you can relate with this article, book your sittings now and your body will thank you later.

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