Joint are the junctions in our body where bones meet. They allow mobility of the bones of our skeleton. Any type of discomfort, pains and soreness in the joints is referred to joint pains and it is very common. At times, joint pains are the result of any illness or injury or an underlying cause which can result in inflammation.

Here, we will talk about wrist joint pain. Most commonly, wrist joint pain is due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is caused when the median nerve of the wrist is affected due to inflammation or a collapse that further causes numbness, cramping, pain, tingling sensation. This syndrome weakens the hand along with restricted movement. Drivers, typists or people who perform activities where hands are used repetitively. The nerves of the tunnel pass via the neck and arms before reaching the wrist. Stiffness or tension in the neck and shoulders are a contributing factor in aggravating this condition. Wrist pain can also be caused due to an injury.

According to Ayurveda, increase in Vata dosha which leads to compression of the wrist nerve resulting in wrist pain. Hence, balancing the Vata dosha is of prime importance in order to get rid of this pain. Panchakarma is an effective way to heal this ailment. Panchakarma means detoxifying and rejuvenating the body to improve its functioning and strengthen it.

Patra Pinda Sweda or Potli Swedna is a therapy which is done to get rid of diseases related to bones, nerves and muscles. The swedna or sudation is given with the help of a bolus prepared from various herbs and herbal oils. This process will improve the joint movements, strengthen the nerves and joints along with lubricating them. The herbs aid in ridding the stiffness and increasing the blood circulation of the affected area. It also reduces inflammation and pain by balancing the Vata which is the root cause of the ailment.

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