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Traditional Ayurvedic Therapies
At Heal Ayur, our experts offer traditional Ayurvedic therapies like Panchkarma including Vasti, Nasya, Abhyanga, Shirodhara and many more, devoted to old-age Indian ideology of medicine.
Ayurveda is known to be one of the most seasoned therapeutic conventions in India. It is derived from two Sanskrit words- Ayuh and Veda. Ayuh refers to life and Veda is knowledge or science. Thus, Ayurveda means "Science of life". All facets of human life are included in Ayurveda whether it is psychological, physical, social or spiritual.

Ayurveda in 21st century

Follow Your Heart
Ayurveda has passed the test of time. It has survived as a distinct entity from remote antiquity to the present day and is still relevant today because it is based on logic. The fundamentals on which its foundation is based are timeless. They do not change with changing times.
Today, many people use Ayurveda to treat their diseases. It has transformed the lives of millions of people. Diseases which were thought to be incurable through medicines were cured because of Ayurveda. It has brought smiles on face of many people and gave them an opportunity to lead a disease free life.
Sneha Abhyangam

Massage of the body with the help of taila, ghrita in the same direction of the body (Anuloman gati) is called Abhyanga.


Shir means head and Dhara means to pour. So, Shirodhara means a purifying and detoxification technique used to manage physical and mental exertion and fatigue.


Udhwarthanam is one such procedure that helps your skin stay healthy and glowing with your body getting rid of most of its excessive fat.

Potli Swedna

Potli massage therapy is done using heated herbal pouches also known as potlis that are used to nourish the affected area.

Potli Karma

It is a special type of massage for face and skin which helps to relax, refresh and nourish the face with the therapeutic effect. It is of two type, that is, dry potli and wet potli.


To achieve a balanced state of body, mind, and consciousness, Ayurveda prescribes purification therapy. Kativasti is one of the purification therapies.

Janu Vasti

The knee joint is called “Janu Sandhi” in Sanskrit; hence the name “Janu-Vasti” is given to the procedure done on the knee joints.

Greeva Vasti

A dough of gram flour is rolled out in the shape of a hollow pit and sealed on the nape of the neck. After the pit is thoroughly sealed, warm medicated oil is slowly poured in it.